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Available To Order (J)

The following genes (beginning with J) have alleles available to order now. The alleles can be ordered from ZIRC and/or EZRC. 17882 alleles are currently available to order.

Note: Alleles can only be obtained from ZIRC and/or EZRC and not directly from our lab.

Gene Name Ensembl ID Human Orthologue Mouse Orthologue Alleles Found Associated Phenotype
jag1a ENSDARG00000030289 JAG1 Jag1 2 Normal
jag1b ENSDARG00000013168 JAG1 Jag1 2 Not Determined
jag2 ENSDARG00000021389 JAG2 Jag2 5 Not Determined
JAG2 (2 of 2) ENSDARG00000014246 JAG2 Jag2 5 Not Determined
jak2a ENSDARG00000007915 JAK2 Jak2 1 Not Determined
jak2b ENSDARG00000018882 JAK2 Jak2 4 Not Determined
jam2b ENSDARG00000079071 JAM2 Jam2 1 Not Determined
jam3b ENSDARG00000061794 JAM3 Jam3 2 Not Determined
jarid2a ENSDARG00000060925 JARID2 Jarid2 3 Not Determined
jarid2b ENSDARG00000062268 JARID2 Jarid2 3 Not Determined
jazf1a ENSDARG00000036243 JAZF1 Jazf1 1 Not Determined
jhdm1da ENSDARG00000018111 JHDM1D Jhdm1d 4 Not Determined
jkamp ENSDARG00000028581 JKAMP 4931417E11Rik
1 Not Determined
jmjd1c ENSDARG00000079939 JMJD1C Jmjd1c 4 Not Determined
jmjd6 ENSDARG00000034358 JMJD6 Jmjd6 1 Not Determined
jmjd7 ENSDARG00000035546 C2orf60
1110034B05Rik 1 Not Determined
jph1a ENSDARG00000058603 JPH1 Jph1 2 Not Determined
jph1b ENSDARG00000038826 JPH1 Jph1 1 Not Determined
jph2 ENSDARG00000028625 JPH2 Jph2 2 Normal
jund ENSDARG00000067850 JUND Jund 1 Not Determined
jup ENSDARG00000070787 JUP AC165274.1
4 Not Determined