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Available To Order (Y)

The following genes (beginning with Y) have alleles available to order now. The alleles can be ordered from ZIRC and/or EZRC. 17882 alleles are currently available to order.

Note: Alleles can only be obtained from ZIRC and/or EZRC and not directly from our lab.

Gene Name Ensembl ID Human Orthologue Mouse Orthologue Alleles Found Associated Phenotype
yap1 ENSDARG00000068401 WWTR1 Wwtr1 2 Not Determined
yars ENSDARG00000035913 YARS Yars 2 Not Determined
ybx1 ENSDARG00000004757 YBX1 Ybx1 3 Not Determined
yipf2 ENSDARG00000021399 YIPF2 Yipf2 1 Not Determined
yipf6 ENSDARG00000054433 YIPF6 Yipf6 1 Not Determined
yod1 ENSDARG00000008542 YOD1 Yod1 1 Not Determined
ypel1 ENSDARG00000035630 YPEL1 Ypel1 1 Not Determined
yrk ENSDARG00000004378 FYN Fyn 1 Not Determined
ythdc1 ENSDARG00000051953 YTHDC1 Ythdc1 3 Not Determined
ythdf1 ENSDARG00000016447 YTHDF1 Ythdf1 1 Not Determined
ywhaba ENSDARG00000013078 YWHAB
2 Not Determined
ywhae2 ENSDARG00000017014 AC113211.1
Ywhae 1 Not Determined
ywhag2 ENSDARG00000071658 YWHAG Ywhag 1 Not Determined
ywhaqa ENSDARG00000042539 YWHAQ Ywhaq 2 Normal